Stories of Bahlool

Do you want to be a judge

Do you want to be a judge

They asked Behlool
Do you want to be a judge?
He said: No.
They said: Why?

He said: I do not want to be ignorant between two wise men.
The plaintiff and the defendant both know the truth of the matter, and I simply have to guess the truth.

Bahlool Dana

Аз Баҳлул пурсиданд
Ба бҳлўл гуфтанд Мехоҳии қозии шавӣ?

Гуфт: на
ГуФтанд : чаро

ГуФт : наме хоҳами нодонии байни ду доно бошам,
даъвогару мутаҳам ҳар ду асли моҷароро медонанду мани сода бояд ҳақиқатро ҳадс бизанам .


به بهلول گفتند
می خواهی قاضی شوی؟

گفت : نه
گفتند : چرا؟

گفت: نمی خواهم نادانی بین دو دانا باشم
شاکی ومتهم هر دو اصل ماجرا را می دانند و منِ ساده باید حقیقت را حدس بزنم.

بهلول دانا

Bahlūl (Arabic: بهلول‎) was the common name of Wāhab ibn Amr (Arabic: واهب ابن عمرو). He lived in the time of the Caliph Hārūn al-Rashīd. Bahlūl was a well known judge and scholar who came from a wealthy background.