Car’s windshield is so large & the Rear view Mirror is so small

شیشه جلو موتر خیلی بزرگ است و آینه عقب خیلی کوچک. زیرا گذشته ما به اندازه آینده ما مهم نیست. بنابراین، به جلو نگاه کن و حرکت کن.

جول اوستین

See, when you drive home today, you’ve got a big windshield on the front of your car. And you’ve got a little bitty rearview mirror. And the reason the windshield is so large and the rearview mirror is so small is because what’s happened in your past is not near as important as what’s in your future.

Joel Osteen

Шишаи пеш мошин хеле калон ва оинаи ақиб хеле хурд аст. Зеро гузаштаи мо мисли ояндаи мо муҳим нест. Пас, ба пеш нигоҳ кунед ва идома диҳед.

Joel Osteen