Cam corporation in the 1970s

Cam corporation of Afghanistan

Afghanistan first soda company in the 1970s

Soda drinks such as Coca cola and the Fanta corporation were first established by CAM CORPORATION in Afghanistan in the 1970s. As you can see in the “Kabul Times” newspaper dated December 24, 1972 which is in this page, there is an ad about the Fanta bottle in the newspaper which shows that it has recently arrived in Afghanistan. Right after the establishment of the company, Fanta and Coca cola were available in all stores throughout Afghanistan.
Additions in this page, some pictures belonging to Cam corporation in the 1970s.


کارخانه کام اولین شرکت سهامی نوشابه های گازدار فانتا و کوکاکولا در افغانستان در دهه 70 میلادی

اولين فابريكه كوكاكولا و فانتا توسط فاميل مجيد زابلی وزير اقتصاد دوره صدارت شهيد سردار داودخان در کابل اغاز به فعاليت كرد، و در مدت كوتاه اين دونوشابه در همه دوكان های شهر كابل و بعد از مدتی در سرتاسر افغانستان پيدا ميشد

Cam Corporation Аввалин ширкати нӯшокиҳои Fanta ва Coca-Cola дар Афғонистон дар солҳои 1970-ум.
Аввалин корхонаҳои Кока-Кола ва Фанта дар Кобул аз ҷониби Маҷид Забулӣ, вазири иқтисод дар давраи раёсати шахид Сардор Довудхон кушода шуданд.

A soda commercial
An announcement to avoid illegal use of bottles
A Fanta bottle cap
Soda Bootles
Soda bottles
Coca Cola truck
Coca Cola Truck
An advertisement in the English newspaper “Kabul Times” in 1972