Easy Origami Dog

آموزش ساخت سگ کاغذی اوریگامی
در این مجموعه عکس شما میتوانید آموزش ساخت سگ کاغذی را یاد بگیرید. 

How to fold an easy origami dog
In this photo series you can see and fold a single origami dog. Down in the page you can also find a video that connects you to Youtube and you can see how to fold a dog easily.

How to fold an easy origami dog.
Fold the top corner to the bottim corner to create a triangle.
Fold the right corner over to the left.
Unfold the previous step.
Fold the top right down, and make a small slit in the top of the middle crease.
Repeat on the left side down to match
Fold the layers of the bottom point a little up
Fold the top of the layers down.
Now pain the nose and eyes.

Watch tutorials of how to fold an origami dog on Youtube.