BoY names that begin with the letter I
Ibn-Sina Ibn-Sina balkhi was a Afghan-Persian Scholar and commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna Arabic
Ibrahim As Abraham. Arabic
Idris / Idress/ Edris A Prophet's name. Arabic
Iftekhar Honour. Arabic
IftekharUdin Pride of the religion. Arabic
Ihteram Respect, honour. Arbic
Ikhlas Devotion, sincerity. Arabic
Ikhtiar Authority, option, choice, control, free will. Arabic
Ikram Honouring, glory, esteem. Arabic
Ikramullah Glory of God. Arabic
Ilham inspiration. Arabic
Ilias / Ilyas A rophet. Arabic
Imad Pillar Arabic
ImadUdin Pillar of the religion. Arabic
Iman Faith, Believe. Arabic
Imdad Assistance,support, help. Arabic
Imtiaz Distinction, privilege, concession. Arabic
Inayat Favour. Arabic
Inayatullah Care of God. Arabic
Insaf Equity, justice. Arabic
Intekhab Choice. Arabic
Intezar Waiting, expectation. Arabic
Iqbal Fortune luck. Arabic
Iraj A Character in Shahnamah. Dari / Persian
Irshad Guidance, Showing the right way. Arabic
Isar Giving in abundance, excessive generosity. Arabic
Iskandar King Alexander, The ancient greek king. Greek
Islah Correction, improvement, reform, adjustment Arabic
Islam Submitting to God's will. Arabic
Ismail A Prophet, son of Abraham. Arabic
Ismat Chastity, modesty. Arabic
Israr Secret, mystery. Arabic
Ishaq / Issac A Prophet, Son of Abraham. Arabic
Itemad Confidence, trust, reliance. Arabic
BoY names that begin with the letter I

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