BoY names that begin with the letter E
Ebadullah Worshipers of God. Arabic
Ebrahim Abraham. Arabic
Edris / Edrees A Prophet's name. Arabic
Ehsan / Ihsan Goodness. Arabic
Elham Revelation , Inspiration , Infusion. Arabic
Emad Pillar, Support. Arabic
Eimal ??? Pashto
Elias Name of a Prophet. Arabic
Enayat generosity, Favour. Arabic
Eqbal Destiny, Fortune, Luck. Arabic
Esmail / Ismail Son of Ebrahim Prophet. Arabic
Esmat / Ismat/ Asmat Chastity, Dignity, Pride. Arabic
Ezatullah Attributed, honour, Glory to God. Arabic
Ezmaray / Zemaray ??? Pashto
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BoY names that begin with the letter E

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