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BoY names that begin with the letter A
Aaban 8th Persian month, angel of iron. Dari / Persian
Dari / Persian
Aalem Learned, Learned man, Scholar, scientist. Arabic
Aaqel / Aaqil Wise, Intelligent. Arabic

Frowning, looking austere, also means lion.

Abed / Abid Worshipper, adorer, devout. Arabic
Abdul-Ahad Servant of the only One (God). Arabic
Abdul-Alim / Aleem Servant of all knowing (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Ali Servant of the most High. Arabic
Abdul-Azim / Azeem Servant of the Mighty ( God). Arabic
Abdul-Aziz / Azeez Servant of the Almighty. Arabic
Abdul-Bari Servant of the Creator. Arabic
Abdul-Badi / Badee Servant of the originator. Arabic
Abdul-Baqi Servant of the Everlasting (God). Arabic
Abdul-Bari Slave of the Creator. Arabic
Abdul-Basir / Baseer Servant of sagacious (God). Arabic
Abdul-Baset /Basit Servant of the Expander (God). Arabic
Abdul-Fattah Servant of the conqueror (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Ghafar Servant of forgiving (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Ghafoor / Ghafur Servant of the Forgiving (God). Arabic
Abdul -Ghani
Servant of all sufficient.
Abdul-Hafez Servant of Guardian (God). Arabic
Abdul-Hadi Servant of guide (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Hafeez / Hafiz Servant of Guardian (God). Arabic
Abdul-Hakim / Hakeem Servant of All wise (God). Arabic
Abdul-Halim /Haleem Servant of the all element (God). Arabic
Abdul-Hameed / Hamid Servant of the all laudable. (God) Arabic
Abdul-Hanan Slave of the Merciful Forgiving. Arabic
Abdul-Haq Servant of the Truth (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Haseeb /Hasib Servant of Reckoner. Arabic
Abdul-Hai / Hay Servant of the Living (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Jabar Servant of the Omnipotent. (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Jalil Servant of Exalted (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Jamil Servant of Beautiful (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Jawad Servant of most Bountiful (God) Arabic
Abdul-Kabir / Kabeer Servant of the Great (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Karim Servant of most generous (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Khabir / Khabeer Slave of the one who is aware. Arabic
Abdul-Khaleq / Khaliq Servant of the Creator (God). Arabic
Abdul-Latif / Lateef Servant of Gracious (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Maalek / Malik Servant of the Owner. (God). Arabic
Abdul-Majid / Majeed Servant of the all glorious (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Malek Servant of the Sovereign / King (God). Arabic
Abdul-Manan Servant of the Benefactor (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Matin / Mateen Servant of the Strong (God).. Arabic
Abdul-Muhsen Servant of the Benefactor. (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Mujib / Mojeeb Servant of Answerer (God). Arabic
Abdul-Momen Servant of all faithful (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Mutaleb Grandfather of prophet Muhammad. Arabic
Abdul-qadeer / Qadir Servant of the Powerful (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Qader Servant of the powerful (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Qahar Servant of the Subdue, Dominant. Arabic
Abdul-Qaher Servant of the Subdue. (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Qayom Servant of Eternal (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Qudos Servant of all Holy (God). Arabic
Abdul-Rashid / Rasheed Servant of Right-minded (God). Arabic
Abdul Shakor Servant of all Thankful (God) . Arabic
Servant of God. 
Abdul-Naser Servant of the Helper (God). Arabic
Abdul-Noor Servant of Light. Arabic
Abdul-Rab Servant of Lord (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Rafi Servant of Exalted (God). Arabic
Abdul-Rahim Servant Merciful (God). Arabic
Abdul-Rahman Servant of Beneficent (God). Arabic
Abdul-Raof / Rauf Servant of Compassionate (God). Arabic
Abdul-Raqib / Raqeeb Servant of Observer (God). Arabic
Abdul-Razaq Servant of all provider (God). Arabic
Abdul-Saboor Servant of the Patient (God). Arabic
Abdul-Salam Servant of all peaceable (God). Arabic
Abdul-Samad Servant of the Eternal (God). Arabic
Abdul-Sami Servant of all hearing. (God). Arabic
Abdul-Satar Servant of the Veiler of sin (God). Arabic
Abdul-Shahid / Shaheed Servant of the Witness. Arabic
Abdul-Shahed Servant of the Witness. Arabic
Abdul-Tawab Servant of the most forgiving. Arabic
Abdul-Zaher / Zahir Servant of the overt, manifest. Arabic
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the Vast. Arabic
Abdul-Wahab Servant of all give. (God) . Arabic
Abdul-Wahed Servant of the One (God). Arabic
Abdul-Wakil /Wakeel Servant of Implementor. Arabic
Abdul-Wali Servant of the Comrade. Arabic
Abdul-Wares Servant of the Survivor. Arabic
Abtin / Abteen A character in Shahnamah, Feraidon's father. Dari / Persian
Afzal Better, Superior, Prominent. Arabic
Adam Name of first man / first mankind. Arabic
Righteous, Just, Equitable.
Afrooz Lighting, Enlightening. Dari / Persian
Afsar Lightening. Dari / Persian
A persian army commander in old times.
Dari / Persian
Ahmad / Ahmed
Commendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised.
Ahmad-Ullah Praise God. Arabic
Ajmal More beautiful, extremely beautiful. Arabic
Greater, Bigger.
Akhtar Star, good luck, Eid. Pashto
Akram More generous, nobler, bountiful. Arabic
Alaudin Glory of religion, excellence of religion. Arabic
Elevated, High Status.
Allah-Bakhsh Gift of God. Arabic
Almas Diamond. Dari / Persian
Aman / Amman Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility. Arabic
Amanudin Trust of religion. Arabic
Amanullah Trust, care of God, protection of God. Arabic
Anis / Anees Friend, close companion, companion. Arabic
Ansar Helpe, friend, patron, supporter. Arabic
Anwar / Anvar
Beams of Light.
A heroic archer of Persian tradition and folklore.
Dari / Persian
Wise, intelligent.
Arian / Aryan
Aryan nation.
Persian & English
Arjomand / Arjomand Bountiful. Dari / Persian
Ideal, hope, aspiration.
Dari / Persian
Armin A character in Shahnamah. Dari / Persian
Aroon / Aaron / Haroon
Lofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother.
Arabic / Hebrew 
Arsalan Lion. Turkish
Asad Lion. Arabic
Asadullah Lion of God. Arabic
Asef / Asif Forgiveness. Arabic
Asghar Smaller. Arabic
Asheq / Ashiq Adorer, lover, suitor. Arabic
Ashequllah Adore of God. Arabic
Ashkan The founder of an Persian dynasty. Dari / Persian
Ashraf More honourable, most distinguished. Arabic
Asil / Aseel Of noble origin, highborn, pure. Arabic
Askar Troop. Arabic
Aslam Safer, Freer.  Arabic
Atar Perfumer, perfume vendor. Arabic
Atash Fire. Dari / Persian
Ataullah Gift of God. Arabic
Atef / Atif Compassionate, affectionate, sympathetic. Arabic
Atiq / Ateeq Older, Ancient, Noble.  Arabic
Ayob / Ayub A Prophet, the biblical Job. Arabic
Azam Greater, greatest, more importan. Arabic
Azad Free. Dari / Persian
Azim Great, Mighty.  Arabic
Aziz Dear. Arabic
Azizullah Dear to God. Arabic
BoY names that begin with the letter A

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