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Showwkat Omar

Bad az Khodah

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Showwkat Adim was born on the 25th of february 1981 in His grand father Zia Karizahda A.K.A Kaboutar was one of the well known singers of our times , songs such Moshke Taza Mebara, Raftem Azeen Bagh. Showwkat is also a composer, song writer, sound engineer and vocalist. Showwkat has been classically trained for the past 4 years by a well known Tenor in Canada – Charles Di-raimondo and 2 years with Abraham Falconer who was trained by Seth Rigg. Seth Rigg who also trained superstars such as Josh Groban, Faith Hill, Jesse McCartney, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Kelly Clarkson, James Ingram, Bernadette Peters, Val Kilmer, Julio Iglesias, Brian Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson.The technique is called speech level or in Italian Bel Canto. Showwkat also produced and worked with Stevie B A.K.A, king of free style. Not only does Showwkat sings in English but also several other different languages including Dari, English, French, Spanish and Italian. His passion and love for the art of music has enabled him to release a couple of great CD’s in such short amount of time. His debut CD volume one was an extreme success, followed by his second CD Born to conquer and Bad az Khodah that revolutionized Afghan/tajik and persian music. What most people know about him, they know through his music. This time, on the 4th CD he has tried to open that door as wide as possible. He tends to carry on with his passion and love for the art of entertainment and singing and make a huge difference in the Entertainment World by bringing his fans the best of modern Dari pop music. On his concert 16th of june 2006 Showwkat was awarded by the afghan community for singer of the year. Besides his early success in art of singing and music, Showwkat is a humble, family-loving and successful person