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Shekib Hamdard (also spelled Shekeeb or Shekeb) born as Ahmad Shekib, is a well-known singer of Afghanistan. He is currently continues his music career from United States. He is the first winner of Afghan Star, a TV reality show in Afghanistan.

He migrated to Pakistan at the early age due to the civil war. After the September 11 attacks, under new Afghan government, he returned and joined Habibia High School of Kabul.

Hamdard’s musical career started after he won the first ever musical reality TV show in 2005. The Afghan Star is the Afghan version of American Idol which is broadcast by Tolo TV with financial support of Roshan Telecommunications. After the show a super hit single Gul Dana Dana was in market by Shakib Hamdard. Later, he signed up with Bardburd Music which released his first album Mashallah.

He lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He has always appreciated the support and loyalty from his supporters from all around the world. He has always been proud where he belongs to which is Dara e Turkman, a valley in parwan province which the people are called Turkmani, but they are considered Hazaras in general.