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Sediq Shubab

Sediq Shubab (also spelled as Sedeeq Shubab, Seddeeq Shubab and Sediq Shabab) is a renowned Afghan pop artist who continues his music career in exile from Frankfurt, Germany. Working closely with one of the most successful music arrangers and composers, Khaled Kayhan of Kayhan Studios, Sediq has managed to maintained his status as one of the top recording artists inside and outside Afghanistan.

Sediq is known for singing traditional and folk Afghan songs in Dari/Persian and Pashto with the actual dialect of the region that the songs belong to. His brother Tahir Shubab is also a talented and successful pop artist… more known for his Patriotic Pashto songs. In this page, you will find a number of music albums of Sediq Shubab.

  Gum Shuda 

Total Songs in this album:15

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  Mast Qalandar 

Total Songs in this album:10

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   Best of Taher & Sediq
Spring 2010 

Total Songs in this album:14

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        Sarzamine Man 

Total Songs in this album:11

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Total Songs in this album:13

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