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Samir Rohesh is a talented Afghan singer artist. The following is the history of Samir Rohesh quotes Samir’s official website

I was born on a very beautiful day in the even more beautiful month of February in the most beautiful town of Stuttgart,
( Germany ).

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In my early childhood days, the colorful sounds of music captured my heart. I played rhytmic patterns on everything I could get my hands on … mostly on teapots and my whole family was amused 

( so tells my beloved mum ).

My parents noticed my passion for music and supported me in every possible way.

I started playing the “Tabla” at the age of 4, and two years later I had my debut on a charity party for Afghanistan where I played the 
“Tabla” with the guitarist Mr. Abdullah Taibi on a acoustic unplugged concert.

Only one year later, at the age of 7, I heard a wonderful song called

“Bewafa Yaaram” sung by one of the greatest musicians in afghan history 
“Ahmad Zahir”. 
From this day on I started singing and practising every single song of him, and the very first one I ever learned and was able to sing was 
“Bewafa Yaaram” as well. I broadened my horizon and started the commerce with tones and sounds so I could play new instruments like the keyboard or the harmonium.

In 2002 I had a recording session on Said Hakim Sepas 
“Pamir Studio”, which was the beginning of my career as a professional singer.

Only one year later my beloved uncle and teacher “Najib Sidiqi” heard me singing and recognized my talent as a singer. He invited me to his house in Washington DC, USA to teach me and help me to improve my singing skills. From this day on, he supported me as my uncle, my friend and my teacher.

In 2006 I released my very first official song “Saaqy” produced 
by “BN-Records”.

In 2007 I released my second song “Havas” also produced 
by “BN-Records”.

In 2008 I published my first music video “Labaan-e-Maydaar” produced
by “One Media Way studios”.

In 2009 I signed my contract with the major label 
“AVANG Music Co. and Star Motion Events”.

In 2010 I released my first single 
“Aakharesh Chi ???” from my debut album “JUSS TOO”

In 2011 I released my second single 
”Juss Too” also from my debut album ”JUSS TOO”

Since then I was working on my debut album “JUSS TOO” which is coming in 2011.