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Mustafa Kamaly

Mustafa Kamaly

Gule Safid

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Mustafa Kamaly is a talented Afghan singer residence in Germany. The following biography of him was copied from his official website.

I was born in the beautiful city Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.  My father was a gifted hobby singer, so I grew up in a musical family and developed an early interest for music. At the age of 5, I started playing tabla (Indian hand-drum). My interest in music grew, so that at an age of seven years, I started to sing together with my father, while he accompanied me on the hand-blown harmonium.

In March 1990 I migrated to Germany together with my family. Here I also had the opportunity to play music. When I turned 22, I took singing lessons at an Indian music school in Bonn, unfortunately I was not able to finish my music education, since my teachers had to go back to India due to several reasons. I am grateful and honored for the fact that my uncle Dr. Fazel Ahmad Kamaly is teaching me since 2006. He is a big support concerning my musical education. His teacher was a student of Ustad Manos Chakrobati.

Later I performed several times at events and since my listeners kept asking me if my music is being offered on CDs, I decided to publish my first album called “ Gole Safed” at the end of 2007. Since I could not invest enough time in this album, I will spend much more time on my second album in order to offer you nicer music. I thank my fans for their support and their e-mails, which I always answer personally. I ask for your patience and understanding, if it takes a while.