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Abdul Wahab Madadi “Watan” Album


Total Songs in this album: 12

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Abdul Wahab Madadi is a well-known singer in Afghanistan. A native Herati, he began singing from an early age. He went on to study engineering in Kabul, where he sang several songs for Radio Afghanistan while he was still a student. Later, having trained in Germany in both radio journalism and Western music, he worked for over thirty years at Radio Afghanistan, and was an extremely important figure in its development. He organized the music archive, was a producer of music programmes, collected many Herati folk songs for the radio station, and eventually became Head of Music for both radio and television. At the same time he developed a career as a singer and recorded about 200 songs for the radio. Along with other famous Afghan musicians he went on prestigious tours in India, Iran and the Central Asian Republics.

As an academic, Madadi has published many articles about music in Afghanistan, a subject on which he is a great authority. he left Afghanistan for Iran in 1992, where he published (in Persian) his invaluable book The Story of Contemporary Music in Afghanistan. In 1999 he moved to Hamburg. He has recorded a number of CD and cassette albums and has given concerts in several European countries. In 2001, when the Taliban was ousted from power in Kabul, his song Watan (“Homeland”) was the first to be broadcast on Radio Afghanistan after five years without music.