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Khaled Kayhan is an Afghan pop singer. He was born to an artistic family in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Single Songs

Total Songs in this album: 3

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Salam Bar Eshq

Total Songs in this album: 12

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From a young age, he was present in rehearsals of the Kayhan band, and here became familiar with highs and lows of the songs and melodies. 

He would memorize them and play them later on. He entered the Kabul Music School where he started to learn about music under the watchful eyes of experienced Afghan and and Russian music teachers. He bega to learn piano professionally based on international notes. In the Music School he was on of the most distinguished students and caught the attention of the well respected Afghan musicians. Prior coming to Germany at a very young age he became a talented keyboard player. He was playing with the Kayhans and several other popular bands in Afghanistan.

He still continues this work at present Since 1992 he has been living in Germany. He continues to attend music lessons. He has been enhancing his knowledge of professional music and he is acquiring the international notes. After graduating from high school, he has entered the School of Audio Engineering in Hamburg. He has became a central figure of the stage when he tours with many famous Afghan singers in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. He had the responsibility of organizing and directing of albums for many famous Afghan singers as well as many young new musicians. His work has become very popular worldwide among many Afghan music lovers. He recorded his first songs “Aiy yar and Baran Baran” in the ” Story” album.