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Hangama is a popular singer from Afghanistan. She is born as Zohra in 1962 in Kabul. When she became a singer her mother chose the name Hangama for her. She currently lives an exile in Toronto, Canada where she continues her music career. Before her emigration from Afghanistan in the early 1980s, she was counted as one of the most popular female singers of the country. Besides Afghanistan, she is also known in Tajikistan and Iran where she has a fan base Little is known of Hangama’s early years.

Single Songs

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With Ahmad Wali 

Total Songs in this album: 12 

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Shekaste Shab 

Total Songs in this album: 11 

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However, she emerged with Ahmad Wali as a very popular musical due who became the unrivaled singer-couple in mid 1970s. Their first few songs recorded in Afghanistan and the accompanying videos became immensely popular and those songs remain classics of the Afghan music archives. After leaving Afghanistan, in 1985, in Germany, Hangama and Ahmad Wali got married. She gave birth to their son named Massieh Wali in 1986. In 1989, when their son was only three years old, they divorced. After their separation at the beginning of 1990s, Ahmad Wali moved to the United States and Hangama stayed there with their son.
In 1995, Hangama got married to Wais Soroor brother of famous singers Walid and Waheed Soroor and moved to Toronto, Canada. In 1996 she gave birth to a daughter named Sara.