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Gulzar Alam, born on 14 October 1954, at Charsadda, is a Pashto singer with a fan base from Afghanistan to Pakistan and among Pashtoons around the world.


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Gulzar Alam worked in Pakistan Air force for sometime. He left singing due to bad law and order situation in the region. He was helpless to do so because of the Fundamentalist’s rise in the province.

In January 2003 Gulzar was arrested while performing at a private wedding, he was accused of drinking alcohol and rowdy behaviour but was later released, Gulzar said he was “humiliated” by this, however a more serious event took place in April of that year when 27 police officers forced entry to his home and arrested this three sons and a brother. He stopped singing after receiving anonymous letters warning of the consequences of singing in public and started selling property instead, however he eventually fled to Karachi.

However following the elections of February 2008 the secular nationalist Awami National Party replaced the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal and they not only opened Nashtar Hall for cultural activities but invited Gulzar Alam back to singing. Gulzar Alam accepted the invitation wholeheartedly and started his singing career again In April 2008 Peshawar’s Nishtar Hall, the city’s only auditorium for promoting cultural activities, had reopened after five years of closure due to the policies of the previous government – Gulzar was one the artists who performed at the reopening.

Many of his albums can still be found in Pakistani music stores, but the lack of a royalty system keeps him from earning money from their sales. Gulzar again started singing and now performs regularly. Government of Pakistan has announced Sitara.e.Imtiaz for Him.
Source: Wikipedia