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Farhad Ghafoor is a popular artist/singer of Afghanistan whose every music video has been a number 1 hit. Farhad Ghafoor is an inspiration to Afghan People as most of his songs have been about the National Unity of Afghanistan. His music is a masterpiece of the fusion of many musical elements of the world including Spanish, Arabic, Afghan, Indian and American music. Farhad Ghafoor was born in Afghanistan . Growing up he was influenced by the many late and great Afghan singers such as Ahmad Zahir, Ustaad Shaidaa and Ishaaq Baghlaani. Farhad Ghafoor has been living in the United States ever since 1984. In November of 2002, Farhad Ghafoor returned to Afghanistan to serve his people and to be a positive role model for all Afghans. The release of his debut music video, “Hamwatan” placed Farhad Ghafoor in hearts of people of Afghanistan . Over the last 5 years, Farhad Ghafoor released six other music videos. All these videos have made Farhad Ghafoor a star and a music phenomenon in Afghanistan . Farhad Ghafoor is infinitely grateful to Allah for his bounty and blessings, to all who has guided him in music and video arrangements and production, to his family and to all of his “hamwatans” and fans everywhere. His love for his country and his voice is what makes Farhad Ghafoor, Farhad Ghafoor.
Source: Farhad Ghafoor’s official Facebook Page