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Emal Mustafa was born on May 14, 1986 in Koch Barana in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. Emal has a special life story. 

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Noor Deedah

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He finished his basic education in Afghanistan. The war in his and the political situation did not give him the bright future he hoped for, there for he had to leave Afghanistan. Emal came to the Netherlands in the year 2001. That same year, Emal was able to pick up his life and start with his secondary education in Holland. Emal started playing music at the age of 17. He started experimenting with mixing beats and playing keyboard. His love for music got bigger and bigger, he cannot live without it. A lot of practicing and classes with Hamayoun Nagiyalai (son of Ustad Faqir Mohamad Nagiyalai) gave have him to practice music at a higher stage. After many lessons with Ustad Homayoun Nagiyalai, which helped him to understand and read music notes. Emal decided to follow also classes in western music style at a Dutch music school. During his music journey Emal discovered his talent and love for singing.

Emal’s first live performance was at an event in Holland where he was invited by the Afghan Community. It was a chance for him to make his debut on stage. After his first live performance, everyone was enthusiastic. He received many compliments and invitations for other events. This gave him more confident and energy to become an artist. Currently he has many fans in several countries and has been on international stages.
Emal is also invited to private parties, where he perforce together with his talented brother Akmal Mustafa. Together they are working and practicing on new music project to bring their fans what they want