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Edris Sejadi is a successful singer born in the Kabul Province of Afghanistan and raised with the love and compassion of his parents. He was in 9th grade when the oppresive regime of the Taliban shadowed the Afghanistan sky. He settled in Pakistan with his family and continued his education until graduation from Sayed Jamal Uddin Afghan High School. Following graduation, he attended learning centers which included instruction in Dari and English languages. He continued his education with qualified instructors while simultaneously learning music at the Urfaan Music Education Center. Edris spent an additional four years learning to play drums and became recognized as one of the most accomplished drummers in Afghanistan.

Destiny determined Sweden as the destination for Edris and his family to live. Edris continued his education in mathematics and studied the Swedish language from 2002 to 2004. Meanwhile, the love and interest he had for music added brilliance in his drum art. After perfecting his talents, Edris joined popular Afghan singers in concerts and gatherings. Through diligence and effort in 2007 he learned the art of singing from the legendary performer Ghulam Shabir Khan. During his artistic activities in the year 2008, he participated in the Afghan Super Star Contest in Germany which proved to be an extraordinary experience.

Edris’ first official video performance was distributed in 2010 under the name of “Khorshid e Ishqem.” The release was warmly welcomed by fans and critics in Europe and Central Asia. His first album will be released for the fans of his art in 2012. Edris has a brilliant future ahead in the music industry. He is extremely friendly and has a graceful personality that reflects his positive outlook on life.

Edris resides in Sweden and is happily married. He and his wife have a beautiful daughter named Saharafareen.

Edris sends his best wishes to fellow Afghans and prays for peace in Afghanistan. Although his travels often take him far from Afghanistan, his heart remains with his country and the Afghan people.
Source: Edris’s Official Website