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Afghanistan’s First GAP (Rap) singer, who Introduced GAP songs for the First time from Afghanistan. Dj Besho (Bezhan Zafarmal)’s Official Fan Page

Bezhan An Afghan gangsta rapper is something we maybe have not seen in the country, not even at United Islands. He certainly is not one of those who need to read books about hard-knock life. When he was 10, his best friend was blown into pieces by a bomb and all his family left the country to escape from the war. They have seen the world: they have been to China, Russia, Germany, and Besho now lives in germany. When he became a musician, he managed to get in touch with his home country, became quite popular and hit the airwaves of Afghanistan. “I am proud that Besho is Afghan,” one of his fellow compatriots has told to the Times recently. He says that his travels around the world have had a substantial influence on his music. After all, that also shows in the languages he raps his rhymes in – his native Dari, Hindu, German, and English. He says his number one model is Tupac Shakur, a man who was murdered “in style” at a drive-by incident. Besho, on the other hand, only fights with his music and rap; he is a fundamental opponent to fists and guns. That is the message he is trying to convey to his fans. Even rappers, too, need more than politics in their lives – his most famous songs are about love.