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Asad Badie is a singer artist  and Physician from Afghanistan of pop music. He is one of the 1980s era singers that emerged as Dari music was reaching the zenith of its international popularity. As a member of Goroh-e-Baran (Rain Band / Best Friends), that included Farhad Darya and others, he became immensely popular not only for his voice, but also for his looks. 
Live Concert

Total Songs in this Album: 10

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Live in Hamburg

Total Songs in this Album:12

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Badie continues to produce music from his homes in Switzerland and Australia, and often performs in charity concerts.

Badie is also a physician, having completed his medical degree in Switzerland. 
In the early 1980s, when he and others started the Baraan-Band, he was under the constant spotlight of public attention, although Farhad Darya went on to become the more popular singer after the group members emigrated from Afghanistan.

Badie performs in concerts in various cities of Europe. In the last two decades since he separated from his Rain Band colleagues, he has been the least active in singing. Due to the demands of medical school and subsequent demands of the medical profession, he has limited his involvement in entertainment, prompting his fans to become inquisitive of his status.