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Known for his hit songs “Laila” (in Persian, German and Arabic) and “Allah Allah”, Arash is best known for his ability to successfully introduce and combine hip hop and dance beats into music. His compositions and music is influence from western musics. Beside songs in his mother-tounge, he has also sang songs in Arabic and Hindi. He aswell published 3 more tracks, which are Yaarakem, Dunya and Labakait. All 3 of them received very positive feedback and Arash is about to publish his highly paitiently awaited ALBUM : NEXT LEVEL.

Arash has assisted in the composition of songs and albums for Afghanistan´s artists such as Habib Qaderi, Sear Azizi, Najim Nekzad,Fardin Faryad,Syed Fahim and many more. His most noticeable work was Habib Qaderi’s latest album Closer in which Arash showcases his rich knowledge of a variety of traditional music styles within the realm of his own hip hop or dance style.
He aswell worked as the Music Director for Najim Nekzad (Shahanshah) and Fardin Faryad (Gule Naaz)