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Ali Etemadi is a talented Afghan Artist. This Biography of him is copied from Ali Etemadi’s facebook fan page. My name is Ahmad Ali Etemadi, i was born in Hamburg, Germany october 21,1981. I am the only child of Abdullah Etemadi, the legendary drummer who played for Ahmad Zahir.

Single Songs

Total Songs in this Album: 9

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Arezo (wish)

Total Songs in this Album: 8

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Live Concert

Total Songs in this Album: 13

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 I got into music when i was very young, I learned how to play the tabla, drums, and keyboard, later on i got into singing, and i started recording many CD’s for known afghan singers. when i was younger i enjoyed being around Ahmad Wali, he was the one who influenced me alot. Mr. Tehrani from Germany taught me how to play the keyboard, i also went to the music konservatorium in Hamburg. i went to India in 2003 where i learned classical singing with my Ustad Reza Ali Khan grandson of bade Ghulam Ali Khan. I have played the tabla and keyboard for many singers like, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ustad Reza Ali khan, Eltaf Husain, Ahmad Wali, Haider Halim, Nasrat Parsa and Habib Qaderi. I also arranged music for, Shala Zaland; Nasrat Parsa, Ustad Reza Ali Khan, Habib Qaderi, Faiz Qaderi, Naim Popal, Suliman Hamsada, Eishad Zahir, Ehsan Aman, Haideri Brothers, Khalid Omar, Mustafa Jalali, Ramin Nabawi, Bashir Hamdard Zayed Rahimi, and …. many more coming soon! I released my first live CD in 2002, and my second CD  wish was released in 2004. I am currently working on my new album that will be releasing soon. Many people ask me why i have taken so long to take out my next album, well the reason why is i have been busy with other recordings and i want my next album to be something new and different. I enjoy singing. I also enjoy organizing and directing albums for famous Afghan singers and new comers.