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Ahmad Walid I started my musical endeavour at the tender age of 17, in Kabul, Afghanistan. I was discovered by the legendary Afghan singer Ahmad Wali and with his guidance he introduced me to Radio Kabul.

Shaame Mastan

Total Songs in this Album: 12

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Bazm-e Del

Total Songs in this Album: 10

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The first song I sang was a song dedicated to all the mothers of Afghanistan during mothers day celebrations.

This song really ignited my relationship with the late Ahmad Zahir. After hearing my performance, he wrote a song for me
“Eine che- eshqest qe dar del darum”, which he actually recorded this song with me as a duet which became an overnight hit.
After this song he became my mentor and I had a very close musical and personal relationship untill his unforseen death.

This relationship was a very rewarding experience for me, which I cherish whole heartedly.
After the communist regime took power in our beloved country, I migrated to Germany in 1981.
Since then I have continued to live, perform, and record music in Germany.

I have recorded more than ten albums and am working on my next album with
Ali Etemadi and my son Duran Etemadi which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2009.
Source: Ahmad Walid’s Official Website.